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Q. What does the Australian Coding course include ?

  The training includes studying the following :

  • ICD-10-AM Volume 1 (Alphabetic) and Volume 2 (Tabular) : Converting the diseases and injuries into alphanumeric codes. 
  • ACHI Volume 1 (Alphabetic) and Volume 2 (Tabular) :  Application of codes to the medical procedures.
  • ACS (Australian Coding Standards)
  • Anatomy and Medical Terminology 

Q. What is the procedure to join the training ?

There are three levels of Australian Clinical Coding Training

ICD 10 AM / ACHI / ACS is categorised as 3 levels of courses :

  • Introductory – Level 1 – CC1(Clinical coding) (10 Module) Basic and primary level of coding, obtaining correct code for clinical record and their application as per guidelines and coding standards. Modules will also cover extensive Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology. This program is advisable to go through by candidates who are freshers and have never done coding.  This program is open for both medical and non-medical students.
  • Intermediate – Level 2 – CC2 (22 Modules). This level is about learning to code more complex medical records, converting into codes all specialities medical procedures and interventions. Advisable for those candidates who already have some experience in clinical coding. 
  • Certificate IV  (Advanced level) (30 Modules) : Includes CM to AM conversion course. Very higher level coding training to make you eligible to understand every complex coding chart and hence making you ready for Australian coding jobs. This level is for highly experienced coders.

In order to check which level you are eligible schedule for online assessment.  Students are given a 30-minute aptitude test to check eligibility for Level 1, Level 2, and Certificate IV training.

Q. How to get certified in Australian Clinical Coding?

To get the certification one must be very well versed with the Medical Terminology, ICD 10 AM for Diagnosis Coding, ACHI for Procedure Coding and ACS for Coding Standards. Our training program will be sufficient to prepare you for certification assessments conducted by HIMAA

Q. What are the job opportunities after learning Australian Coding ?

Australian Coding classification is being followed in various countries like in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, Tonga, Hong Kong, Bahrain. 

Q. What is the course duration ?

CC1 Course duration (Primary) : 3 Months (twice a week sessions)

CC2 Course duration (Intermediate) : 4 Months (twice a week sessions)

Advanced Level : 6-8 Months

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