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Best Suited for Stay-at-home moms

Motherhood, however, it may be planned, comes at a cost of loosing your career.  Once you were a career woman and now in order to take care of your young ones you have to sacrifice your career because you cannot work long hours, commute, attend late night meetings, travel.

Not anymore.

You can work from home or from office while having flexible time schedule.  In fact, you can schedule your own working hours. Having flexibility to either work from home or at office every day.  Sounds too good to be true, call us to know more.

Odyssey Informatics offers courses, which you can choose according to your educational background, past job profile, past experience, and most important in which you are comfortable with.


Odyssey Informatics has tie ups with various multinationals firms having operations in diversified verticals.

Medical Coding, Medical Transcription, Medical Billing, Medical Writer,

Content Writer, IT Coding, Human Resource, Training, Backend, KPO etc.

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FAQs Work from Home

Appointment letter with stamp paper contract provided at the start of course.

Q. Will I get 100% job placement?

A. Yes, you will get 100% job placement upon completion of training and clearing all test modules.


Q. How can I work from home?

A. In order to work from home you need to have a computer/laptop, smart phone, and internet connection. All work is available online.  You just need to schedule your working hours.

Q. I have a small baby, I cannot commute to office, how will it work?

A. You can take care of your young ones with our flexible working options and work from home options.  You can work from home or from office, it’s up to you.

Q. I cannot come to office everyday.  I need to take care of my young child.

A. You can schedule your daily working hours and days when you can come to office. You can also work from home full time or you can come to office for few hours. Sounds too good to be true. Schedule an appointment with us and we will give you a platform where you can utilise your skills and earn also.

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