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Australian Coding Course (ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS ) 11th Edition

At Odyssey Informatics, you will get live, interactive classroom training sessions for Australian Medical Coding training with certified and experienced trainers.

Whether you are working or a student choose your schedule as per your availability. We provide classroom as well as online sessions to train our students. Australian Coding classification is being followed in Australia, Qatar, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Bahrain. Being qualified in Australian coding coding system enhances chances of getting a job in these countries as a Medical Coder , therefore all one need is the training and certification.


  2. Prefix-Sufix, Word root, Combining form
  3. Medical Vocabulary, Abbreviations.
  4. ICD-10 AM (The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Australian Modification)

The International Classification of Diseases is a medical classification list by the World Health Organization (WHO). It contains codes, used to classify every known disease, condition, symptom, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury or diseases.

  1. Coding symptoms, factors influencing health status and infectious diseases
  2. Coding Neoplasms
  3. Coding Diseases of blood, endocrine and mental disorders
  4. Coding Diseases of nervous system, eye and ear
  5. Coding Diseases of circulatory system
  6. Coding Diseases of respiratory system
  7. Coding Diseases of digestive system and Skin
  8. Coding Diseases of musculoskeletal and genitourinary diseases
  9. Coding Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium conditions
  10. Coding perinatal and congenital conditions
  11. Coding injuries and causes of injury
  12. Coding poisonings and causes of poisonings
  13. Practice questions

ACHI : (The Australian Classification of Health Interventions)

ACHI Volume 1 (Alphabetic) Application of codes to the medical procedures.

ACHI Volume 2 (Tabular)

  1. Procedures on Endocrine System
  2. Procedures on Eye and Adnexa
  3. Procedures on Ear and Mastoid Process
  4. Procedures on Nose, Mouth and Pharynx
  5. Dental Services
  6. Procedures on Respiratory System
  7. Procedures on Cardiovascular System
  8. Procedures on Blood and Blood-Forming Organs
  9. Procedure on Digestive System
  10. Procedures on Urinary System
  11. Procedures on Male Genital Organs
  12. Gynaecological Procedures
  13. Obstetric Procedures
  14. Procedures on Musculoskeletal System
  15. Procedures on Breast
  16. Radiation Oncology Procedures
  17. Practice questions

ACS (Australian Coding Standards)

The ACS codes are designed to be used in conjunction with ICD-10-AM and ACHI.

How to get certified in Australian Clinical Coding?

To get certified from HIMAA, it is necessary to learn ICD 10 AM for Diagnosis Coding, ACHI for Procedure Coding and ACS for Coding Standards. There are levels of learning the Australian coding system :

  1. Introductory – Level 1 – CC1
  2. Intermediate – Level 2 – CC2
  3. Advanced – Certificate IV (Suitable for experienced Medical coders in Australian coding)
 (ICD 10 AM / ACHI/ ACS) 11th Edition Clinical Coding (CC1) Introductory(ICD 10 AM / ACHI/ ACS) 11th EditionClinical Coding (CC2) Intermediate(ICD 10 AM / ACHI/ ACS) 11th Edition Clinical Coding – Certificate IV Advanced
Eligibility : The Introductory course has been designed for who have no prior knowledge of coding. It will cover Medical Terminology and Basics of Diagnosis ICD-10 and Procedure coding ACHI.Eligibility : The Intermediate course can be taken by those who have completed Introductory level, have prior knowledge of coding and can interpret Medical records for coding.Eligibility : Completion of Level 1 and Level 2 and high level knowledge of coding medical scenarios and multi-specialities.

Duration : 15 Modules

3 Months (weekend)

Duration : 20 Modlues

4-6 Months (weekend)

Duration : 25 modules

6 Months (weekend)

Course Fees : 3500 QAR

Course Fees : 4500 QAR

Course Fees : 7000 QAR

Study Material : Electronic code Books (inclusive in training cost)


ICD-10-AM / ACHI / ACS – 5 Volume Set Printed book , 11th Edition

Book Bundle Cost : 1350 QAR

Study Material : Electronic code Books (inclusive in training cost)


ICD-10-AM / ACHI / ACS – 5 Volume Set Printed book , 11th Edition

Book Bundle Cost : 1350 QAR

Study Material : Electronic code Books (inclusive in training cost)


ICD-10-AM / ACHI / ACS – 5 Volume Set Printed book , 11th Edition

Book Bundle Cost : 1350 QAR


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Online Training

In online medical coding training students have option to study anytime.

Medical Transcription Training

Medical transcription can be defined as a process of listening to a dictation

Classroom Training

Certification exam training program includes CPC (Certified professional coder) exam

Medical Billing Training

Medical Billing and Medical Coding training is a recession proof career, which one can look forward to.

ICD-10 Training

In ICD-9CM the statement is coded as: 845.0 sprains and strains of ankle, unspecified site

ICD-10 AM Training

ICD-10-AM Volume 1 (Alphabetic) and Volume 2 (Tabular) : Converting the diseases and injuries into alphanumeric codes.