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Medical Transcription Training

What is Medical transcription?

Medical transcription can be defined as a process of listening to a dictation, formatting it properly, editing it as needed, and converting it into a medical record.

What does a Medical Transcriptionist do?

A medical transcriptionist converts the spoken word to the written word, thereby creating patient medical records. Every time a patient is admitted to a hospital, or is seen in an emergency room, or has an x-ray, anytime there is a patient interaction with a medical professional, a report is generated. Hundreds of thousands of such reports are dictated every single day.The medical transcriptionist is the key person who transforms those reports from the dictated form to the written form, to be produced as a hard copy or sent to storage in a computer system.Medical transcriptionist listen to dictated recordings made by physician and transcribe them into medical reports, correspondence and other administrative material. They generally listen to recordings on a headphone, using a foot pedal to pause the recording when necessary, and key the text into a computer or word processor, editing as necessary for grammar and clarity.

Who can become a Medical Transcriptionist?

A (10+2) in any discipline, who has a very strong command over English language and has a strong determination to excel and training in MT, can become a Medical Transcriptionist.

What skills are required to become a MT?

Proficiency in English, No spoken English required. Good listening, writing and comprehension skills. An eye for details. Typing and basic knowledge in computers would be an added advantage. Of all these features, the aptitude for continuous learning, or simply the keen desire to learn is very important as everything else can be achieved over a period of time by continuous andĀ unrelenting efforts.

Is it necessary to have a science background to become an MT?

No, any post-graduate/graduate/undergraduate/10+2 belonging to any stream is eligible.

Is it a full time or part-time training?

We offer full time and part-time training.

Do I have to work in shifts?

This depends on the company you are working for. There are a number of companies, which work in single/ multiple shifts.

Why medical transcription?

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