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Medical Coder

Medical Coder

Medical Coder assigns ICD-10 & CPT-4 codes to various diseases and procedures performed on patient for reimbursement purposes. Medical Coder is the key person responsible for inputing right codes so that claim can be processed for billing purposes.

In order to become Medical Coder one should have keen desire to read medical documentations i.e. patient’s detailed medical charts, an eye for detail, and research ability. Medical Coder’s job profile including flipping medical code manuals, searching for right disease and finding right code, assigning it to correct diagnoses, etc. Medical Coder job requires lot of patience and a medical coder has to keep knowledge updated in regards to the new development in medical field.

Medical coder is responsible for making lengthy charts into few alpha-numeric numerals for easy understanding of disease pattern and procedures performed. Medical Coder also works in research and data planning and management. Due to understanding of these unique codes Medical Coder’s knowledge can be utilised in lot of avenues.

Hence, Medical Coder is very important in terms of medical field as he is responsible in reimbursement of Doctor and also Medical Coder avoid any fraud in medical field by using right codes.

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